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  • An appointment escape
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  • For the first hour, € ---* for each additionnal hour
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  • Une rendez-vous d\'évasion
  • 200 €
  • L\'heure à toute heure
  • Incluant déplacement jusqu\'à 30 minutes
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  • A meal, an output : a good evening
  • € ---*
  • 4 hours away
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  • Classique
  • Un repas, une sortie : une bonne soirée
  • 500 €
  • 4 heures de suite (soit 125 € par heure)
  • Incluant déplacement jusqu\'à une heure
  • define('PRICELIST_CHOICE_3', '
  • A getaway
  • On demand
  • Any proposal deserves consideration
  • '); //
  • Longue durée
  • Pour une escapade aux petits soins
  • 1000 €
  • Les 12 heures (soit 83 € par heure)
  • Incluant déplacement jusqu\'à 2 heures
  • ?> TITLE

    - Accompanient male for life -
    Strasbourg, France & International




    Hello and welcome !

    My friends call me Ty.
    I am a male escort in Strasbourg. I will be available to guide you in my home town or any other destinations (across Europe and more…) of your choice according to your desires of the moment.

    My goal is to make sure you enjoy your stay in Alsace day & night.
    Also, not to forget any others activities who might came along meanwhile; shopping, business or family meals, wedding... I will definitely assure that you are having a good time during your vacation in France or abroad.

    I lived in Bas-Rhin area for fifteen years. It's my lovely home; I know the tourist places, restaurants or night clubs depending on the desired ambiances. You will quickly figure out. I'm open minded, therefore do not hesitate to tell me your wishes. In order to have better facilities, I have BMW car.

    Now it's time to describe myself. Enjoy your reading and hopefully some excitements will arise in you.



    I'm 32 years old, 6 feet tall (185 cm) and weighs 75 kg.

    Born from French parents; I am told Mediterranean typed due to my matte skin.

    As my profile pictures shows; a mysterious look, black hair cut trend, beard shaved or maintained depending on your preferences.

    I like to keep my appearance natural. Therefore, I'm not tattooed and had no piercings.

    As a regular athlete (crossfit, tennis, recreation teams sports), I like to maintain my body and muscles in shape. Just enough to keep a flexibility. 
    Non smoker, I am tolerant and I drink in moderation.

    I'm personable. You need a partner for your private or vip events, I am your man. From a gala event to an important dinner or a romantic getaway, as a gentleman I am endowed with good manners and well prepared.





    I'm open-minded, optimistic, romantic and fun.

    I am also a magnanimous, sensitive and receptive person.

    I'm interested in many areas, as cartesians and some others more related to lifestyle: nutrition, relaxation, psychology and artistic or simply current topics.

    Bilingual in English / French, I understand and speaks some German.
    I have traveled in the globe and put my feet on every continents for meetings in all walks, in order to endow me a great adaptability whatever the situation.

    In conclusion, I consider that "doing good around you, it's like doing good to you". In fact, I shall put you at ease from our first meeting.




    Package prices justified by feedbacks, previously 100% satisfactory.
    Beware of escort boys with lower rates because they may miss some serious, experiences or even display spoofed photos seen on the Internet.


    No discount is possible, even if the ride is fast. I propose to move up because traveling makes me happy when I have time.

    For a short duration; we meet at Alsace in the Bas-Rhin (67) in Strasbourg, Haguenau, Selestat, Bischwiller, Saverne, Obernai, Molsheim, Erstein, Brumath, Barr; Germany: Kehl and Offenburg.

    For a classical duration; is added the (68) Haut-Rhin: Colmar, Mulhouse, Saint-Louis, Wittenheim, Illzach, Cernay, Guebwiller, Thann, Huningue, Saintes-Marie-aux-Mines; plus Germany: Karlsruhe, Baden-Baden, Lahr / Schwarzwald, Freiburg im Breisgau; plus in France: Saint-Die-des-Vosges, Phalsbourg and Sarreguemines and Wissembourg.

    Finally, for a long-term; I accept to move a bit far more in France: Metz, Nancy, Epinal, Belfort; Germany and Switzerland: Stuttgart, Mannheim, Heidelberg, Saarbrücken, Forbach, Basel... Paris, London, Madrid, Brussels, Luxembourg, Rome, Berlin, Vienne, Prague, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Lisbonne, Dublin, Copenhague, Helsinki, Barcelona, Marseille, Nice, Lyon, Toulouse, Nantes, Montpellier, Bordeaux, Lille, Rennes, Geneva, Monaco, Cannes, Antibe, Dijon, Toulon, Aix-en-Provence, Saint-Etienne, Grenoble, Nîmes, Le Mans, Zurich, Brest, Limoges, Clermont-Ferrand...

    If you want a longer escort, an extensible package can be discussed with the possibility of traveling around the world, travel expenses must be paid in advance.


    Please define your package according to your expectations. Unless immediate availability, it is advisable to book a minimum of 24 hours in advance. SMS confirmation is required the same day.

    Payment is required at my arrival to allow us to dedicate ourselves only to our appointment without stopwatch or pressure.
    A deposit may be requested in advance for secure reason.





    It is natural that you're still asking questions about how to approach certain topics or that you hesitate to contact me as we do not really know.

    To help you, here is a partial list of common requests that are entrusted to me: accompaniments in different situations, fantasies of all kinds, questions about us men, women learn to feel, how to appreciate your body while discovering yourself, your desires and limits...

    Often these dialogues, understanding, psychology, confidence and reflection on your life as a woman in order to help you thrive fully.

    To summarize: courtesy, humor, complicity and discretion are the watchwords of our appointment. Respect for your privacy is a key concept. I'll leave it to you to contact me if you wish.

    Hope to meet you so that we spent an intense and memorable time! In the meantime, thank you for reading.


    your Ty



    In general, I answer in the day as I receive your messages instantly on my phone.



    Or email me via this contact form by trying to be as specific as possible.